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Dancing! Who doesn't love to do it? And wasn't dancing in the 90's fun, with endless great dance song after dance song being pumped out on the radio.

Well that was a long time ago now and you may have forgotten the names of many of those great tracks that you used to dance the night away to.

So we're going to relive the nineties and countdown the top 100 dance songs of the 90's. If you were around in that decade no doubt you will recognise most if not all of these songs.

The 80's and 70's had some great music that made you want to pull off your best locking dance moves like those in the video below...

We've selected what we believe to be the best 90's dance music. We would have loved to have included many more songs and could have gone on for much longer but then the top 100 would have become the top 1000!

And that would amount to a very huge drinks bill! Not that this should stop you if you have the urge or the money.

Just plan carefully and bring a credit card in case you need even more drinks than you had planned. That being said...

Which of these songs that make you want to dance will make our top 20? And which one song will be number 1 and the king/ queen of 90s dance?

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